Mervyn Hannan

Selected Gallery

Mervyn Hannan was born in Melbourne, 1954. He grew up among artists’ and writers at the Montsalvat Artists’ Colony in Eltham, Victoria.

A natural artist, Mervyn has travelled much of his adult life making art. From 1977 – 1982 he travelled across Europe, Asia, Africa and the United Stated absorbing the arts, music and cultures of new places. From 1977 – 1982 he worked at the Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland as stage hand with some of the worlds leading jazz musicians.

Much of his sculptural work has an ephemeral dimension. Works have been made in bush or unexpected locations and left to return to their natural environment. His work includes obscure placement of stones juxtaposed with found bush debris and often, with the inclusion of a made object found on the location to give an ‘out of context’ dimension to the work. Many of the works have not been recorded, due to the permeance of otherwise ephemeral pieces.

His visual arts works are made using multi-media processes from traditional paint on canvas, drawing, pastel painting, carving construction and clay modelling.

A founding member of the ‘Ice-Breakers’ band, he plays the drums and percussion.

His work is held in private collection internationally and throughout Australia and remnants of ephemeral pieces can be found unusual locations throughout the world.

Mervyn has returned to his home Eltham and shares a studio with Jenni Mitchell at Montsalvat where some of his work can be viewed or by appointment at his Eltham Studio and Gallery, Eltham South Fine Art.

Exhibitions/Group Shows

2010                        Perspectives of Montsalvat & Other Places (1st solo)

2008                        Nillumbik Art Awards – Montsalvat

2007                        Nillumbik Art Awards – Montsalvat

2007                        Gateway Galleries Group Shows (3)

2005                        Desert Sharing – Montsalvat Eltham

2004                        Nillumbik Shire Council – foyer exhibition

2004                         International Group Show – Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

2004                        Open Studio – invite participation – Nillumbik Shire, Eltham

2003                        Commission – Nillumbik Shire Ephemeral Sculpture Kings Winery

2003                        Open Studio – invite participation – Nillumbik Shire, Eltham

2003                        Open Studio – invite participation – Nillumbik Shire, Eltham

2002                        Open Studio – invite participation – Nillumbik Shire, Eltham

2001                        Gallery Hurstbridge – exhibition Hebel Block sculpture

2001                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Festival of the Arts (March)

2001                        Federation Traveling  National Post Card exhibition

2000                        Bulleen Art & Garden – Sculpture

2000                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Shire/Eltham – sculpture

2000                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Festival of the Arts (March)

1999                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Shire/Eltham – sculpture & Painting

1998                        Liza Taylor Sculpture Gallery – Mt. Macedonm Vic.

1998                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Shire/Eltham

1997                        Open Studio –Nillumbik Shire/ Eltham

1997                        Open Studio – Nillumbik Shire/Eltham

1997                        Shed – Horsham Regional Gallery

1996                        Open Studio –Nillumbik Shire/Eltham

1965                        Eltham Art Prize

1963                        Herald Sun Art Show (Recommendation)

Newspaper Articles

2010                        Leader Newspaper nov 3 p 33 Feature & exhibition

2004                        Nillumbik News – Bacchus

2003                        Diamond Valley News – Bacchus Scuplture

2001                         Diamond Valley News – Open Studio

2000                         Nillumbik News

2000                         The Age – Open Studio

1997                Diamond Valley News – Fiona Kaegi

1995                        Wimmera Times – The Shed

Ephemeral & Sculpture Installations & Commissions

2003                         Nillumbik Commission -Bacchus– Kings Winery Kangaroo

1996                        Shoalhaven River, Stick Installation – Bundanon, NSW

1990 – 94            Cottage Blinman, Flinders Ranges, SA

1996                        Renmark Garden Construction, SA

1996                        Murray River Bank construction, SA

1983 – 84            Timber Carvings – Tabulum, NSW

1980                         Sand sculpture – Belize

1971 – 72            Stone Carvings, Montsalvat Eltham Victoria

Artist In Residence

2010                        Ulaanbaatar & countryside Mongolia

1989 – 1994            Parachilna, SA


2003            Founding member Jazz band The Ice-Breakers


2010            Studio class Montsalvat