August in the Gallery

The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday and showing selected works from the stock room.

Sally Armfield has also joined the Eltham South Fine Art group with some of her beautiful botanical work. Sally grew up in Eltham and is the daughter of well known artists Joan and David Armfield.

Other artists who are currently showing in the gallery include Piers Bateman, Janet R. Boddy, Tony Muratore, Clifton Pugh, Shane Pugh, Jenni Mitchell, Mervyn Hannan, Sally Duncan, Geoffrey Davidson and more. 

The showcase has new silver and gemstone jewellery and a range of new textiles are on show. 

Painting and pastel classes with Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan are held Thursday to Saturday – new students welcome. 

In September we will be holding an exhibition in the gallery of work by Eltham South Fine Art students.