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Story from Diamond Valley Leader, 22 May 13

Story from Diamond Valley Leader, 22 May 13


List of Artists in The Retro Eltham Show

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2PM, SUNDAY, 14 APRIL, 2013 



Eltham today is recognised and celebrated as one of Melbourne’s artistic epicentres yet how many people are aware of the artists, innovators and trailblazers of the 60s, 70s and 80s who helped forge the way?

A new exhibition – The Eltham Retrospective Show – will showcase the works of early celebrated Eltham-based artists, sculptors and jewellers such as Clifton Pugh, Matcham Skipper, Neil Douglas and Lesley Sinclair and their work over one of the most fertile periods in Eltham’s history.

The exhibition will be held at Eltham South Fine Art Gallery, run by Eltham artists Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan.

Ms Mitchell said the artistic achievements of Eltham’s pioneering artists and their impact and influence on Australia’s artistic landscape were at risk of being lost.

“History can be fragile,” Ms Mitchell said.

“It’s important to recognise and celebrate Eltham’s early artistic community, as these artists are the strength and soul behind today’s vibrant and emerging new arts community.

“Many of the artists represented in this exhibition have become national names, while others have fallen into obscurity due to a change of fashion. It’s time to remember their energetic contribution,” she said.

Ms Mitchell said the exhibition would also serve as a personal reflection of the artists who inspired the artistic development of both she and Mr Hannan.

“We were both lucky enough to grow up surrounded by these wonderful creative, courageous and sometimes eccentric people as our colleagues, friends or teachers when growing up in Eltham from the 1950s,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We are proud to show this collection of artists and invite everyone to enjoy, learn, reminisce, and be inspired by the works, many of which have been borrowed from private collections.”

Ms Mitchell said other artists to be represented in the exhibition included:

Rick Amor, Piers Bateman, John Borrack, Myra Skipper, Helen Skipper, Sonia Skipper, Damien Skipper, Joe Hannan, Rita Esslinger, Tony Muratore, Janet Boddy, Will Francis, Mark Page, Maurice Hurry, Ian Hassall, Ming MacKay, Simon Dattner, Neil Douglas, Shane Pugh, Alan Martin, David Lawrance, Grace Mitchell, Jenni Mitchell, Tom Sanders, Chris Sanders, Geoffrey Davidson,  Leon Saper, David Armfield, Margo Knox, Gabrielle Knox, Peter Glass, John Farmer, Hilary Jackman, George Chalmers, and Bernard Rust.

Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan established the Eltham South Fine Art Studios and Gallery to allow visitors to experience a little of “the old Eltham “ through artwork and the orchard garden.

“The Gallery is my mother’s legacy and an opportunity to curate new exciting and significant exhibitions while maintaining the history of the area,” Ms Mitchell said.

For more information or to arrange interviews, photographs for the Retro Eltham Show, contact Jenni Mitchell on 9439 3458 or 0417 585 102.

tim Bensen & Matcham Skipper 72dpiPhoto Matcham Skipper jeweller with Tim Bensen (standing) Photographer Unknown