News from the Gallery

Jenni Mitchell

Its nearly three weeks since we returned to Eltham from our two months of painting exhibitions and travel to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  And it’s so cold in Eltham! Snow storms had delayed our plane in Korea for two days; closing the airport into Ulaanbaatar. We then experienced temperatures up to 55 degrees celcius in the Gobi Desert! For temperature extremes Mongolia wins gold!

Visits to places like Mongolia reinforce how wonderful our corner of the world is. Mervyn and I are fortunate to have been born in Eltham. We have clean air, good food, art and a great community to share with the rest of the world. For us, Mongolia is a complex country of extremes; the exquisite beauty of the traditional culture juxtaposed with the hideous traffic and living conditions of the capital city Ulaanbaatar.  We will be continuing to explore these contrasts through our cultural exchange project; Desert Sharing, with Mongolian artist Tugsoo Sodnom. Some works will be previewed in our Eltham South Fine Art Gallery.

Other changes to our end of town are to announce we have decided not to continue with the Open Studio Program as we have a permanent open studio, not just for three weekends per year.  Eltham South Fine Art: Studios and Gallery is now committed to open weekly from Thursday to Sunday, 10.00am – 5.30pm. Painting classes are now available Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings. These classes are suitable for all students from raw beginners to students who would like to further their skills through a supportive program. Students are encouraged to use a range of materials from oil, acrylic, water based mediums and pastels. The classes focus on students learning to use tone to ‘see’ and to explore colour through observation.

Currently the gallery has a changing show of family work by Grace Mitchell, Jenni Mitchell & Mervyn Hannan, with selected works by our Eltham forebears including Sonia Skipper, Alan Martin and Lesley Sinclair.

Coming up this year will also be an exhibition of the late Grace Mitchell’s work. This will be our first solo exhibition  and to celebrate the life and work of my mother Grace who lived at this Eltham property for more than 60 years.

Do come and visit our winter gallery, studios and garden and share with us the turning season. Spring has already started at our end of the Shire.

Web sites to check: and a Mongolian blog at Phone: 0417 585 102  or  9439 3458.